1. Sunflower

From the recording Looking For The Bright Lights

Brian Wilson meets Spiritualized.

This is MY epic. Born of an appreciation for the craftsmanship of these artists, this production is evidence of my effort to stay sane during 2020, the deepest and darkest year I've ever known.

Just trying to stay positive.

Just trying to make my mind beautiful. To keep living in wonder. To stay in touch with nature and beautiful thoughts.


All the elms and willows weep
All the flowers down on the street
They all know that I’m just not right
They know that I lost my guiding light

While the realms and lovers sleep
Morning secrets I cannot keep
Blithe little lies hide from the light
But you know - I’ve gotta make it right

All the alms and ash I keep
All the things I wanted to be
Human weakness is the tree
I’ve got to climb

Of all the people you can be
Of all the pretty people in the garden
You’re the one who can be my Sunflower