1. The Low Road

From the recording Looking For The Bright Lights

Damn right I got the blues...


Middle of oh eight, back from the Winds
Met you at a party, I never thought it would end
You headed off to Chelsea, and away I drove
You took the highway, and I took the low road

The very next year I was caught in the crush
Captured in the slipstream, the affectionate rush
So I headed down south, moving through the tolls
You got me pretty high, but I took the low road

I took the low road

After winter passed you pulled out the rug
Like a thief in the night I packed my things with a shrug
I crossed weeping mountains, going with the flow
The stakes were so high, but still you took the low road

Caught in the undertow of new promises
You said ‘I’ll make it up to you’, and that seemed to make some sense
We want what we want, someone’s dice we can roll
Expectations were high, but still I took the low road

I took the low road

Flew to the French islands, took a boat from the plane
Across the bright lagoon, and overwater terrain
The joy was electric, the champagne well it flowed
With so much high life, how could I take the low road?

Well bliss is fleeting, and quick to the fire
I gave all that I could give you but the things that I tried
Were not what you wanted, not what you felt you were owed
And despite all the high hopes, you took the low road

I’m so very sorry things didn’t work out
I wish they could work again, of this there can be no doubt
We were having fun
Playing in the sun
Until you handed me the gun
But I’m the only one…
Who pulled the trigger

Not one to give up, I built my own nest
I felt hollow inside and entertained away my rest
I held on for a long while, but then I had to watch you go
So I built a super highway, and widened that low road

I widened that low road

Things were great at New Years, but I was confused at once
When the fireworks stood silent, but we’d been waiting there for months
What does this all mean? How do I break the code?
The cost was so very high, why’d I take the low road?

Why’d I take the low road?
Why’d I take the low road?
Tell me why I took the low road?