From the recording Looking For The Bright Lights

A protest song of sorts. A reflection on communication issues, with stylistic elements from Curtis Mayfield, Wilco, Pavement, Elliot Smith, Sonic Youth, and BeBop Deluxe.

I like the complexity of the arrangement, which has a few different 'movements', from gentle to harsh, quiet to loud.


A man suffers down the street
Hands twitch with the
Frustration of a thousand bees
He’s brought to his knees
Wondering why no one listens
And no eye sees
He might think nothing can be done
There’s nowhere to run
That no signal flare can be seen against the sun
But I don’t think so
No I don’t think so

A woman ignites a bullhorn
Shouting to Charles Hawtrey and the Deaf Aids
But nothing is saved
Just the feeling that:
‘One more time I will not be heard
I transmit but no one receives
No antenna believes
Should I just stop? Should I just leave?’
I didn’t think so
No I didn’t think so

We smolder down the parkway
Mute without, mute within
No message discipline
On the pavement another die-in…
Cut and move on
Cut and move on
It would mean so much
Just to be heard by one
If you only care about yourself
All you ever get is you
Is that what you want?
I didn’t think so
No, I don’t think so

Such a pity
So many tongues talk
But few ears listen
Can’t you see?

And it seems so sorry to me
Turn on your radio