1. Zealots

From the recording Looking For The Bright Lights

I'm a mellow guy but sometimes the pot boils over.


I don’t need Capitalism
Or your religious schisms
I’ll take no fake news
Or career politicians

I’ll wave the flag for a living wage
Let new ideas have the center stage
Insults and Incels
Keep your impotent white boy rage

Don’t talk to me about your leader
I have none
It’s not just the blind leading the blind
It’s the blind, deaf, and dumb

One step forward
And two steps back

Personal watercraft
For every dumb fuck
For every man, woman, and man-child
Driving a big-ass truck

Waving the stars and stripes
Or a ‘true patriot’ flag
Saying ‘come and take it’
Or maybe ‘god hates fags’

One step forward
And two steps back
Two steps forward
And three steps back

Take your garbage to the landfill
Stop by Walmart on the way
You need some more merch?
Well it’s the American way

Less is less
And baby more is more
Some of us treat this planet
Like she’s our little whore

“Well c’mon, c’mon now…
C’mon and die…
Gotta shore up wall street
So let’s all roll the dice

Survival of the fittest
We got no room for the weak
No love or compassion
No respect for the meek

A gigantic yawning gulf
Between the rich and the poor
Nation to nation
That’s what foreign policy’s for

To protect the 1%
The ones who hold the strings
For them to get ahead
The rest must fall behind, so it seems

You always cease to amaze me
Wife beaters, bear arms
Beer belly hateful privilege
Wave your rifles, sound your alarms

Two steps forward
And three steps back
Five steps forward
And ten steps back
Ten steps forward
And fifty steps back

Life isn’t as much fun
As I thought it would be
Zealots fucked up everything
Ruin as far as the eye can see

Well c’mon, c’mon now…
C’mon and die…
Die for your money (kill for your money)
Die for your bible (kill for your bible)
Die for your color (kill for your color)
Die for your honor (kill for your honor)
Die for your science (kill for your science)
Die for your flag (kill for your flag)