A remix of the original song from 2001, with some more sophisticated new details like bass synthesizer and backwards sounds.


Sunny day
It's enough to lift you up
It's enough to knock you out - with love

Sunny day
It's enough to pull you through
Quite enough to pull you out - of your wonderous shell

Sunny day
It can lift you up, though you aren't strong
Can harmonize, and help you sing your song -
Your song of songs

My head is so light, I don't think I can keep it down
(I could canter but this breeze keeps me blowing around)
I could slide beneath the diamonds of water and drown
(But if I died, I might miss the luscious, bubbling sounds)
Of a sunny day....

Sunny day
It could helium my blues
Lift me high above these sullen shoes
If I could be with anyone, it's you I'd choose