From the recording Looking For The Bright Lights

Dreamy, ethereal space rock. I like the reverb on the electric guitar and the use of a very low frequency, almost subsonic, analog synth.

The Beatlesque middle-8 and backwards guitar solo was fun to do, too. Good times during a global pandemic.

The long fade out with nothing but a lonely, unchanging drum beat is a direct homage to David Bowie's brilliant 'Five Years'.


Cut and cauterize
The colors sunset she bleeds.
Take the high road
Don’t go down, down, down
Nothing breaks like broken dreams

And they stay with you
They stay with you a long long time

And if they catch you unaware
Don’t be afraid to show you care
And if you cast your pearls before the swine, it’s never what you think
You’ve always got some time

Cut and cauterize
You’re seeking blood from a stone
If there’s a backlash
Come and tell me now
All my dreams have gone home

And it stays with you
It stays with you a long long time