1. Get In The Car

OK, let's face it.... this song has some poor lead vocals.  Ugh. On the bright side, the redeeming qualities are:
1) A punchy transition from verse into chorus.
2) A few good vocal harmonies here and there.
3) A decent guitar solo
4) A cool middle eight in cut time

This was written after a long car trip with about TEN family members.


Grab the Visa
Grab a good book
We'll buy what we need
Here, take a look
The map says we've got better places to be

So get in the car
Get in the car

And you'll see how far we'll ride
All I see is open sky
Gravity kill and we'll fly

Get in the car
Just get in the car

This crowd is way too heavy
We can't move off the shelf
A multi-headed beast can't please itself
That is why I simply have to drive

So get in the car
Get in the car

Don't you ever dream?
Sometimes it seems it's all that gets me through
I know it's not that bad
Sometimes I'm just a little less glad
And I strive to think up something new
Don't cry it's just me and you
And I drive coz it's what I do
And I drive

Get in the car
Get in the car
Oh get in the car