1. Love You

From the recording Skyhouse & Scarlet - 2001

Extremely mellow and haunting.  Somewhat inspired by the quietest, and perhaps best, songs of Simon and Garfunkel - even though the choruses show a few teeth.

I like the poetry (and occasional inside joke) of the lyrics. Other cool stuff:
1) The Hammond / Leslie organ
2) The vibrato electric guitar parts
3) The staccato rhythm and temp changes of the choruses
4) Some reasonable bass playing
5) A generally nice melody (and counter-melodies)
6) The layering of near / distant sounds to create depth in the soundstage
7) Jane added a couple of nice little vocals parts which help set up the final chorus


You there on the corner,
Playing old Mercywheel hits
Here's a new song for you,
It's called 'I Love You Tonight'

Hey you at the factory,
Ash and cinder in your eye
There's a message in the dust on that machine
It says 'I Love You Tonight'

The surgeon and the sculptor,
If you're still for just a while
The Ghost Hand that guides the tool
Writes 'I Love You Tonight'

But somehow it helps
If we can just see Your Face
See Your Name in the clouds
Everything's all right

You there in the clinic
Do you ever feel the kick inside?
Tapping out, in sweet morse code,
'God loves me tonight'

The vicar and the harlot,
In separate hemispheres
Nature'd like a word with you
and God gave both of you ears
He says:
"I don't come down heavy,
And I don't come down hard.
My message is high and quiet,
It's in the whisper of the stars."

And it says 'I Love You Tonight'

But somehow it would help
If we could just see Your Smile
See Your Face in the clouds
Everything's all right

Everything's all right