1. Head Trip

From the recording Skyhouse & Scarlet - 2001

A blissful romp of summer fun, trashy guitar pop, and stream-of-consciousness lyrics.

I'm pretty happy with this tune, which contains several appealing details:
1) Some interesting falsetto vocals
2) A cool middle-8, a la Sloan.
3) Neat little saxophone and guitar solos
4) A whacked-out, 'free-jazz' ending in 6/8 time (think Coltrane)
5) Lots of lyrical inside jokes
6) An interesting 'chorale' style-change in the last verse
"I thought I could escape all these acronyms, but I was just S-O-L"

Nothin' but pure, trashy rock and roll. A lot of fun to write and record. A bit of an angry rant about all kinds of things that are annoying in this world, but it is also mixed in with a bit of a travelogue, sort of 'On The Road', feel.

Saxophone by Kurt Williams.

Bonus points if you can find the


Driving down Main Street, listening to David J.
Gee it's good to be back home
Hand me that compass, I keep losing my way
Feel like a beggar at the savings and loan

Prince is over-rated, Tom Verlaine is a stud
I love the sound of crashing guitars
Bill Evan's a genius, Bill Clinton's a dud
It's written in the blue notes and the falling stars

Miss America - she don't know what she's doing
I tell you all her psychics are blind
I just checked my watch - she's half past ruin
Hanging by a thread from cloud nine

Take my mind and let me overdose on poetry
Oh yeah, love's another form of model rocketry
Shoot me high...

I had a dream where Bill Gates was a peon
And Jerry Springer had his larynx removed
He lived off a mixture of spaghetti and freon
And was tagged with the beatitudes

All people are cretans, all people are kings
And suicide is just so sad
If we don't stop chasing all these glittering things
We're going to lose the precious things that we have

Free me and let me fly blissfully into avalon
Throw us a line 'cause our heels are draggin in oblivion

When I'm sad, when I'm lonely
Put me on a tether and fly me like a kite
I'd be glad, if only
You'd cauterize my reason and amputate my spite
My head is getting dizzy
I think I'm taking flight...

August in Montana, Martin Newell in my head
The sky made me feel so small
Then I woke up one morning, and the leaves were turning red
And summer had given birth to fall

The C.L.V. just told the G.B.O.M.
That the J.T.S. ain't gonna sell
I thought I could escape all these acronyms
But I was just S.O.L.

Come down and deliver Your holy atom bomb of consequence
Trip me up and press me down into my circumstance

Start the minivan for nirvana or the shopping mall
Sometimes, I want to say...