1. Fade Away

From the recording Skyhouse & Scarlet - 2001

In 2000 I had the distinct pleasure of visiting Helsinki, Finland on business. Only problem was, my wife was in Australia at the time and my kids were in Coeur d'Alene, ID. Flying over Iceland
I was struck with how truly scattered my family was at that exact moment... and the idea for this song bubbled to the surface.

The ending is sort of a 'Hey Jude' thing, don't you think?

Listening back, this tune is a bit too 'traditional' to my ears today. Too mainstream for me, I'm afraid. Too 'normal'.

Oh well, this one is still noteworthy for a few reasons:

1) The middle-8 has a pretty cool sound / feel
2) The backing vocals in the choruses are pleasant
3) The huge build at the end (with big strings and some 10 voices ramping up together) is kinda neat

That's about it.


Come over here
Is there a place where we can talk?
You know the things that get you?
Well, they get to me too.
But somehow it helps
If we can just cast off this dark world
And for a second it's clear
And the weight...

We talk for hours
And it all falls apart, fades away
Love storms the towers
And they all fall apart, fade away

Flying into Denmark
The water looks wet, but more like a wedge
That drives us apart
With you there in Queensland, I'm feeling on edge
But somehow it helps
If I can just see the curve of this world
And know that it ends
And the miles...

We talk for hours
And they all fall apart, fade away
Love shakes the towers
And they all fall apart, fade away