From the recording Plug Into The Real - 2003

Cool laid back vibe on this one.  The chords are kinda unusual too, all partials up the neck.  Nice stereo image on this one.... dig on it with headphones.
I like the falsetto singing in the bridge.  It's..... fragile?

The guitar solo (and corresponding wah wah support) makes me smile - simple but melodic. Bass is a bit funky, too.

Some nice Hammond organ with Leslie here.... and 'eternal echo' on the final words during the fade out.  Dig.


Dark, the world's so dark
So black
I light a candle
But I still can't see a thing

Small, the world's so small
Small as my lifetime
It's bigger than dreamers
But smaller than their dreams

We all toil in this mortal coil
But do not be afraid
Just sparkle like you fade

Time, the brittle teeth of time
We dull with memory
Time, the brittle teeth of time
Though memories dull themselves
And you know that it hurts me

Loud, the world's so loud
But I'm not listening
I'm dreaming of quiet times
No, I don't hear a thing....