1. She's A Flier

From the recording Plug Into The Real - 2003

I like all the ambient sounds in the background, along with the creepy bells, energy-bow guitars, sound effects, and suspended cymbals.

Probably the deepest, most earnest song I've ever written.

Written for my daughter Alice - wherever I may find her. She was, and still is, a flier.


Rising high above the ground
I tell you this girl can fly
Spirit wind blows through the trees
Lifting her higher

Higher than the sunken dreams
Which weigh me down
I could stare, facing my past
But she spins me around

And I face my future as I face her sky

She's high and she's low
Riding on her wild mood swings
She grows up, I say "comedown, don't
let go of all your childhood things"

All my eyes can see
Is all that she can be

Even the lightest girls in this world
May oneday drop
But I want you to fly
Until gravity makes you stop

Just remember:
If your wings get clipped, you can always walk