From the recording The New Bright Children - 2012

Word play. Free association. Edgy. Free. Rampant experimentation for the sake of.... rampant experimentation.

Embrace the weirdness. I did. This was fun to develop. SO fun. I'm happy with how the piano maintains a sophisticated vibe even amidst all the weirdness swirling around it: submarine sounds, backwards organ, disembodied echoes of static. Good times. Very good.


Egret ships
In late fall
Swansongs now
Available in 5.1 surround sound
Bloodhounds dripping from every wound but
The biggest track's the hidden cut
And every animal is waiting for the day
Do you really wanna through your paradise
Across the table?
Autumn zebra divides
Under these tides
The new bright children are gettin' pretty dizzy and high
So sigh, the parents feeling like they're stuck
In life's plodding little rut
And every burning kid is waiting for the day
Youth assassin
In the shade
Mercy floods
The sleepers awake and find
They're all in love
Cut up the dove and shine the brightest lights
We're gonna get you through the night
And every android is waitin' for the day
Do you really wanna throw your paradise
Across the table?