1. Sugar

From the recording The New Bright Children - 2012

An enjoyable exploration of 'nerd pop'. I enjoyed experimenting with all kinds of different sounds in this soundscape.

This song was based on some musical sketches I had originally recorded ten years earlier. In turning these early elements into a finished song, I enjoyed coming up with the bells parts, lyrics, arrangement, and the e-bow guitar 'solo' bits...


Taste this
The strangest sugar in your mouth
I missed
Chased the flavor north, but it was headed south
The oddest honey on your tongue
I've writing from the bottom rung
With mute pen inconsequent
If I let you bring me into the fold...
Touch this
The softest weapon that you'll ever feel
The bliss
Furious at first, but still plugging in the real
If I let you bring me into the fold...
Know this
I wanna sail this boat with you on glassy waters warm
But it lists
And I'm clawing for shelter in this heavy approaching storm
The oddest honey on your tongue
I signal from the bottom rung
A broken telegraph to you
The sweetest honey on your tongue
I'm jumping from the bottom rung
Careful not to fall and break