From the recording The New Bright Children - 2012

Lots of instruments and sounds on this track:  Electric guitars, bass guitar, string arrangements, drum machine, ambient loops, vocals, and various layers of percussion.

I especially like the final verse (with the drum machine), and the Who-like power chords at the end of the song. Other influences include Guided By Voices, Echo & The Bunnymen, and The Flaming Lips.


She puts her makeup on in the car
You say "it takes her so long to look pretty, she's gotta drive so far"
But the pedal's down
She's on the move, she won't stand for your lies
Remember all the stupid things you've said?
We'll it'll be a while
Before she comes around
And she'll wake you
And she'll take you further than you've ever been
And she'll fake you
You think she's blind but
She'll show you things that you've never seen
You've never seen her
You've never seen
If you could ever see her
Broken down and on her knees
I think you'd stop and question way
You don't appreciate her
You say you love but you seem to
Hate her
Is she slit her wrists
Would you write a song
In the ensuing gush
Even though it's wrong
Every fist that you let fly
Is your own bruised, blue-black eye
So don't even try
She's come around
She's come around
Yeah she's come around
She's come around from you
She's come around from you
She's come around
From you