1. Paper Friends

From the recording The New Bright Children - 2012

Very much inspired by The Flaming Lips (primary) and Pink Floyd (secondary).

'Anything goes' sonic experimentation.

Love all the backwards sounds and esoteric layers of static and radio echoes, along with the interplay between analog and digital instruments. Can you hear the finger cymbals I brought back from Istanbul?


I woke up in a painting of sound
Pressed between the canvas and the ground
The artist speaks
And the mountains are God's teeth
Science is a drug
We shoot it with greed
We want what we want
But not what we need
And nature speaks: "I choke on everything you are"
We try to climb out of this hole
Out of this trouble
You use a ladder, but I prefer a shovel
I've got a hole in my heart
And it's just about your size
Like a flashing light, I see you up ahead
But by the time that I arrive
You're behind me instead
Flying into a dream
Fly into a rage
Am I inside or out?
Is this freedom or a cage?
Are you hiding there in clouded woods
Cloaked by greying rain?
Piece by piece
Day by day
Hour by hour
Sometime in this modern vine
All the mod cons start to entwine
Wires grasp and uproot trees
Tripping mother nature til she falls to her knees
And starts to bleed...
I make paper friends in one hand
Hold a match in the other
It's a kind of hidden talent
But it's the opposite I'd rather
Yes, you know it's true...
Love is minor
Sad jazz chords so blue
I'm afraid not to try
The things I'm afraid to do
I'm sure that you
On Saturn I am star