1. Cloud Banks

From the recording The New Bright Children - 2012

The inspiration for this song came when I borrowed an old, early 80's analog synthesizer from a friend. The sounds I got out of this Sequential Circuits Pro One, combined with some melodic bass melodies I'd been playing around with for several months, led me down a particular path...

I like the falsetto vocal lines. It was fun arranging this song too, especially the 'drop out' leading into the final verse and that huge guitar chord at the end.


Where is the paintbrush
That picks up the color which drips from your hand?
The spectrum's a fan
You craft white light out of the shades and the hues
Which man seems to lose
You've just obscured a few
And kept them like a coin between your fingers
Like a clever joke that lingers
Where is the camera?
Open the iris, point your lens to the sky
And stop questioning why
Saved from the hangman's noose
We told the devil to shove it
And the axe that we deserved
Well no one else could budge it
From your swing
I may rattle the cage
Is it fool or sage?
To stiff arm all of man's rage?
I may rattle the cage
Where is my ink well?
Random thoughts appear on the page
You say it's only a phase
But I put all my money in the air
In the cloud banks up there
Where it's got more perspective to share
The collective wisdom of the wise
Is nothing but a cold stare in your eyes
I may rattle the cage  (I love you too much now)
Is it fool or sage?  (I love you too much now)
To stiff arm all of man's rage?  (I love you too much now)
I may rattle the cage...
I may rattle the cage.