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The Furious Bliss

My 4th formal CD release.  This album is loud and quiet, ugly and beautiful, fragile yet resolved.  Lots of unusual sounds, lots of musical styles, lots of lyrics to ponder, blah, blah, blah....

I spent a long time mixing it, so I hope you'll agree that it sounds pretty decent.


Regards, and Happy Listening,

Jason Rubero: The Furious Bliss
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Plug In To The Real - CD

Full length CD from 2003.  Haunting and intense...


Jason Rubero: Plug In To The Real
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Skyhouse and Scarlet - CD

Full length CD release from 2001.  Beautiful and lush...


Jason Rubero: Skyhouse and Scarlet
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Brilliant Peace - CD

Christmastime EP from 2004. Gentle lullabies with lots of atmosphere.....


Jason Rubero: Brilliant Peace
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Jasongs on Apple iTunes - MP3s

I've got four albums (and 36 individual tracks) up for sale on iTunes. Please look me up, buy something, or drop my name to a friend... FYI, I'm also available on Napster, Zune, Amazon, eMusic, Verizon, and Lime Wire.

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