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Jason Rubero: Guestbook

Melissa Snowden

August 2, 2012

Awesome new CD!!! I really enjoyed checking out your site - you are truly talented! Keep up the awesomeness!!!

vincent leeds

July 17, 2012

simply great Jas I truly love this new stuff

Vincent Leeds

December 17, 2010

love ya man! music is the key to true happiness yes?

Tim Uhr

September 15, 2010

Some great music. I just bought your latest CD from CD baby, and have been flipping 'round your facebook and web pages.
I like your emotional writing, and haunting music.

Vincent Leeds

August 9, 2010

I'm glad you're back, love your songs, hope all is fine... enjoy the end of the world!


Jonathan Thurgood

August 4, 2010

I love this album. My favorite thus far. It is a great album just to chill out to. If it wasn't for the deeply introspective and thought provoking lyrics the hauntignly beautiful melodic rhythms would put me in a deep trance =) Nice job Jason and keep up the inspiring work!

Erik Stewart

January 5, 2010

I really like your music Jason. followed the link you posted at Sparklehorse, good move. Listening to "where'd the summer go?", right now. Feels good, great mix. I look forward to more posts.

Krista Anglen

October 27, 2009

Hey Jason! This website is awesome and very well put-together! I love listening to your music...I really like your style :) Take care!


October 16, 2009

great songs

robert rodriguez

October 12, 2009

Nice stuff where did you have your music mastered at? and what kind of mic's software did you use?
sorry for all the questions. i do my own recording to.

gordo from mpls

September 28, 2009

jason: enjoyed listening to your stuff,wish i could write like that!!!!!! keep on doing what you do!

Martin Trail

September 6, 2009

Jason, very nice website! Thanks for keeping me on your list and as much in your 'loop' as i can be. Martin

The Theme for Misery

August 21, 2009

hey stranger,

i only wish that was true so i could really be starstruck by you. i loved reading the 'behind the scenes' snippets of all the songs. this site makes me want to record an album with you. i'll bring the ukulele and doritos :)

if you weren't my dad i'd stalk you and hate your girlfriend. i'd like to get a jasongs t-shirt that says something witty.

Don Johnson

August 19, 2009

Very nice...

Les Sowiak

August 16, 2009

Good job Jason. Nice to see you display your God-given talent like this.

Tela Barkley

August 16, 2009

Hey there! I love your music... and this site is spectacular. :)

Mark van Berkel

August 15, 2009

Hey Jason,

Great new site!

I always have been a fan of your music.


Alison Karim-McSwiney

August 14, 2009

Love it, you always were a gifted pop artist.

bill bourdeau

August 14, 2009

very cool jason....nice to see a dream become something of a reality....never say never!!!!!!!

Dennis Loney

August 14, 2009

You rock! As a musician and most important - as a friend!

Danick Jawer

August 14, 2009

Terrific stuff Jason!! Very polished and catchy... You should join Taxi to take a shot at being distributed in the film industry. You are so prolific that you really have a chance in my opinion. Don't you want to do music for a living?!! Good luck.

Bill Stutzman

August 14, 2009

Hey, Jason!

How exciting this is. Congratulations on getting the new site up, and for your "brave" experiment. Your material continues to inspire me and push me to greater things. I look forward to keeping up with what comes next. Perhaps one day we will get to jam again sometime.

Rebecca Snowden

August 14, 2009

Hi sweetheart, your website looks fantastic! I love the fact that you've chosen to include ALL of your music from over the years so that everyone can see the progression of your talent. Brave indeed! I hope you are feeling proud of your accomplishments; you certainly should be. I love you.